Why Should You Take Up Biking in 2020?

January 22nd, 2020

Thinking about taking up biking this New Year? Here’s 10 reasons why:

  1. Get into shape

Biking is a brilliant way to get into shape this new year. It is a healthy and low-impact physical activity, which is affordable, good for the environment, and fun for all ages!

That’s the beauty of Pedego – not only are we the future of sustainable transport and healthy living, our main goal is to have fun!

Biking causes less strain and injuries and doesn’t require any high level of skill – it’s just like riding a bike😉! Biking is also an easy muscle workout, as it exercises all of the major muscle groups as you pedal. Biking can also be as intense as you want; if you’re new to riding a bike, recovering from an injury, or fancy a leisurely ride through the park, ride at a low intensity. If you desire a more demanding workout or an exhilarating commute to work, steadily built up to a higher intensity. With Pedego you choose when to pedal or not, high intensity or low intensity.

  1. Look after your heart

Regular biking increases stamina and strength, and stimulates the heart, lungs, and blood circulation. This strengthens the heart muscles, lowers resting pulse, and reduces blood fat levels, which ultimately reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as strokes, high blood pressure, and heart attacks.

  1. Protect yourself from diabetes

Research in Finland found that people who ride a bike for more than 30 minutes a day, had a 40% lower risk of developing diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is becoming a serious health concern for people in the UK, primarily due to a lack of physical activity. Biking is an easy activity to fit into your busy schedule and you’ll most likely bike more than 30 minutes a day without even realising. Instead of driving to work or school, take the bike! In addition to being healthier, it is safer, faster, and certainly more fun than sitting in traffic.

  1. Help arthritis

Biking is a great way to improve bone strength, and balance and coordination. As mentioned before, biking is a low-impact physical activity which means it places little stress on joints. This makes biking a beneficial exercise for people with arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis (inflammation, breakdown, and eventual loss of cartilage in the joints).

However, biking does not specifically help people with osteoporosis (bone-thinning disease) because it is not a weight-bearing exercise.

  1. Improve your mental health

Research shows a 15% increase in mental and cognitive ability from regular biking. This is because of the extra oxygen gained, which strengthens and renews the neuropathways in the brain. The brain now develops a much sharper mental focus and protection against neurodegenerative diseases.

Living Instead of Existing : Rhonda Martin’s life-changing story is the perfect example of the physical and mental health benefits gained from biking. Click the link to find out more about Rhonda.

“I have my life back. I can go out and enjoy life. It’s just a whole other world for me.”

  1. Return to nature

Unlike most physical activities which keep you indoors, such as going to the gym, biking leaves you no choice but to go back outside and return to nature! It may seem cliché but there is not greater feeling than returning to nature, the smell of the grass, the sound of the birds, and the feeling of wind blowing through your hair and body as you ride a Pedego.

In addition to this, many tourist attractions are encouraging visitors to travel via bike, and in return receive a discounted entry fee. (This is just one of the many ways biking can save you money!)

  1. Help the environment

The future is sustainable. And you know what else is sustainable? Pedego E-Bikes.

Biking is the greenest form of transport; not only does it not produce any pollution whatsoever, the material and energy used to manufacture an e-bike is just 5% of that required to manufacture a car. In fact, Dr Rachel Aldred, sociologist and expert on transport, found that shifting just 10% of journeys from car to bike, would reduce air pollution and save 400 productive life years.

In addition to this, biking would cut congestion as bikes save a third of road space than cars, take 8x less parking space than cars, and would reduce road deaths by 30%.

  1. Save money

Riding a bike may seem expensive and difficult to maintain, when in fact it is much cheaper and easier to maintain a bike than a car. Majority of people in the UK live within cycling distance to work and school – they just don’t know it. Money spent on petrol, parking, and congestion will be cut massively and can be put to that fancy holiday instead!

If you’re in or around Leeds, why not attend one of Pedego Leeds’ Workshops? You’ll pick up some quick-and-easy tips from our very own Pedego Team Member and Mechanic, Chris, as well as test-ride some of our e-bikes. Email enquiries@pedegoeurope.com or call 0113 262 3352 for more information.

  1. Help the economy

From the same study, Aldred also found that if Danish levels of cycling were placed in the UK, the NHS would save £17 billion within 20 years, and retail sales would increase by a quarter as bikers have more time and freedom to shop. In addition to this, bike lanes are much cheaper, easier, and faster to build than highways.

  1. Have fun!

There’s a reason why our motto is “Hello Fun”. At Pedego, we don’t believe in learning how to ride a bike, we believe in learning how to relax. Life can become incredibly tiresome and stressful, which is why it’s important to fit in ways to relax and enjoy life, even with a busy schedule.

Biking is a great activity to involve the entire family, and with Pedego, anyone and everyone can ride a bike! Regardless of age, skill, or fitness. But we don’t just sell and rent e-bikes – we also offer our own Pedego Tours and Holidays services, the perfect getaway for you and the family this coming Spring.

Why Should You Take Up Biking in 2020?